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The charming song of earth, the fragrance of grapes and the wine taste which spread out between earth and sky gives you such an emotion that only the wines from the hilly country of Valdobbiadene can offer you.

That' s why our wine topaz colored, heady shunted with a particularly fruit sapidity gives you a sensation of old tradition and poetry, the secret of the best Prosecco of Conegliano - Valdobbiadene.

Conegliano - Valdobbiadene

Prosecco wine country lies in the hills north of Treviso, in an area surrounding the cities of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. A belt of hilly ground that stretches from the plain as far as the foothills of the Italian Alps. Indeed, Prosecco is a wine that all of the Veneto region's culture identifies with.

Wine growing in the Veneto's magnificent hills is practically as old as the hills themselves, to the extent that man's labours have carved their sunniest slopes over the course of centuries, indelibly shaping their profile, flavour and indeed their very life. In these Veneto hills, the vineyards have found a natural habitat in which to grow and flourish.


Conegliano is widely recognized as the cultural centre of the Prosecco District and is home to the school of wine (Scuola Enologica), while Valdobbiadene is the city where winemaking is at its most prolific and it is here, in the pulsating heart, that the national sparkling wine show (Mostra Nazionale dello Spumante) is held each year.

Today, the District is a true economic engine. Many related businesses have been established in this area on the back of the Prosecco winemaking industry, making up the full supply chain. The distilleries, for example, are just one part of the chain and are so strong and competitive that they have formed their very own team in the shape of the Istituto Grappa Veneta, an institute based in Conegliano.

Then there are the design practices and the firms producing winemaking equipment. There is a whole host of other businesses associated with Prosecco, such as analysis laboratories, along with all those companies that revolve around winemaking services.

From Conegliano, the cultural centre of the Prosecco district, you may enjoy the landscape of the town and the surrounding areas: the Venetian plain, the Venice Lagoon, most of the Friuli plain, the morainic hills of Treviso and the Prealpi.


The most famous place in Venice is Piazza San Marco. The other places (piazza) are called campi or campielli.

The "Basilica di San Marco", in the middle of the square, is covered with mosaics that are related to the history of Venice and bas-reliefs representing the months of the year and the ancient arts and crafts.

Above the main door entrance there are four bronze horses brought from Constantinople to Venice after the 4th Crusade in 1204. The Greek Cross plan is risen by five big domes. The inside is covered with golden mosaics representing some passages from the Holy Bible and other allegoric figures.

The "Sestieri" of the ancient town are divided by the "Canal Grande" in a double bend which creates 158 canals. The Canal Grande is crossed by four bridges: the oldest one is "Ponte di Rialto" by Antonio Canova dating back to 1591; the "Ponte dell'Accademia" an entirely wooden bridge and the "Ponte degli Scalzi". These two were built under the Hasbourg domination and rebuilt in the 20th Century. Finally the "Ponte della Costituzione" started in 2008 by the architect Santiago Calatrava.

The different typologies

When I think of our wine, our vineyards, our land I really think that love can do anything. Everyday when I walk around my vineyards breathing the scents, feeling the emotions of my origins I remember to myself why I chose to devote my life to this passion. As a gift, each season Nature gives me back marvellous golden bunches of grapes. Then closing my eyes and tasting all the magic of our Prosecco, I still think of love...

Manuela Perin

Le Prosecco of Valdobbiadene-Conegliano is produced according to a strict protocol which guarantees unicity and authenticity thanks to an old tradition which still maintains a specific and unique identity.

"Tranquillo" (steady), "Frizzante" or "Spumante" (sparkly) the Prosecco DOC of Conegliano is identified by straw pale yellow colour, moderate body density, unique fruity and floral fragrance. These are some peculiarities of some of our wines.

We pointed out our attention on the Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry

Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry

This is "classic" Prosecco, the version that combines the aroma of other varieties with a taste enhanced by fine bubbles.


straw-yellow colour, excellent body, dry and fruity taste with fresh flavour. Held gently on the palate, the wine is smooth and, at the same time, dry by virtue of its notable acidity, and all the enjoyable sensations and harmonies to which it treats the drinker will grow sip by sip.

Recommended accompaniments

It's hard to beat the experience of sipping bubbles in an atmosphere of refinement and leisure, especially in the evening by the side of a pool, and extra-dry Prosecco di Conegliano does indeed make an excellent aperitif. It also goes exceptionally well with pulse soups and seafood, pasta with delicate meat sauces, fresh cheeses and white meats, bringing out their flavours. Serve at 8-10° C, alcohol content 11%.


In a cool place out of sunlight and away from sources of heat


Bottles: 0,375 l. Chopin

Bottles: 0,75 l. Collio

Bottles: 3 l. Jeroboam

Bottles: 6 l. Mathusalem

Bottles:15 l. Nabucodonosor


Cardboard boxes (2/6/12)

Wooden cases (1/2/6)

Personalized packaging (on request)

Vinitaly 2015

This year again we are present as exhibitors at VINITALY in Verona.

Vinitaly 2014


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We don't agree with people saying that the increasing interest for the Bio cultivation method is only something regarding "fashion". We are instead convinced that its application is a new and innovating culture based on valid principles for the protection of the Environment and human Health. Today, Bio Agriculture in italy is in a very high position if compared with that of other Countries in the UE. The Italian Bio farms are 49790 over a UE total of 128556.

They cover a surface of 1.040.377 ha over a UE total of 3.722.336 ha (Coldiretti source). It means that Italy represents 39% of UE farms and 27,9% of UE Bio cultivated surface (about 1/4).


Since 2011 we are following the UE strict Protocol. This will permit us to obtain by 2014 the BIO Certification for our grapes and wines.

At the end of wine made process, the mark (vinaccia) used for generating Biogas, put into a "cogenerator", produces electric and thermic energy.

The biomasses turn into a mulch which is reemployed in our grounds. This represents a round closed circuit which gives us the possibility of exploiting at best all gifts that Nature gives us.

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